This intensive one-day course will fast track your lighting skills. You’ll learn to set up the studio from scratch, learn multiple lighting set ups and have much more time interacting with the models and moving the lights and seeing the results.  



This workshop is ideal for photographers already on their creative journey, who may have already completed our One-Day Studio Intensive, or who are looking to increase their knowledge and feel more confident with lighting and creative ideas, and who want to learn some insider tips and tricks from a successful professional.  



This action-packed workshop will take place in a working London studio.

It will cover:

  • Portfolio assessment

  • Setting up the studio from scratch. Power, Polyboards, sandbags and more!

  • Advice on how to set up lights and equipment properly

  • Learn to use a range of lighting modifiers to create specific effects

  • Work with and direct models with Dan on hand to advise, but you leading the shoot

  • Perfect your workflow, get comfortable with shooting tethered and using Capture One

  • All attendees will get the chance to shoot two different lighting setups and will leave with new shots for their portfolio.

  • Longer individual shooting time than on our One-Day Studio Intensive will give you the chance to really gel with the models and try several lighting options in each set-up

  • Dan will be sharing the lighting techniques and tricks that he uses when shooting actual work assignments

  • Lunch will be provided

  • Less chat, more shooting!


 price £495

9.30am (for 10am start) - 5pm, London